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I’m Eline Muijres and I’m Communications Manager at Dutch Game Garden, supporting starting game studios. I previously worked at Game Oven on Bounden and Jelly Reef, and at Monogon on Interloper, doing PR, marketing, and production. With my experiences of the inner workings of a small game studio, I aim to spread knowledge about game business topics and entrepreneurship to indie developers. At Dutch Game Garden, I support and connect people by organizing various events, workshops, classes, and trainings for game developers. I frequently give talks at international conferences.

I view games, or play in general, as an exciting form of art that is mostly unexplored, and love to play alternative, experimental games. I started out as a game journalist because of my passion for video games and writing. Gradually, as I interviewed more and more indie developers, I became interested in game development, especially the business side. I discovered I take great joy in supporting starting game developers, connecting them with the right people and creating opportunities for them. I believe the games industry harbors incredible talent. Making a living and surviving as a company is extremely challenging, however, and I’d like to dedicate my career to making this a little easier.

Speaker, panelist, judge
    • Jury Best of Quo Vadis Show – Quo Vadis, Berlin, 2017
    • Panel: Building and Supporting Developer Communities – Quo Vadis, Berlin, 2017
    • The Dutch games industry & Dutch Game Garden – Utrecht University, Utrecht, 2017
    • Panel: Dutch Games Industry – Incubate Festival, Tilburg, 2016
    • Indie Innovation Panel – Respawn Gathering, Cologne, 2016
    • Game Industry Events and How to Prepare For Them – Gaming Lab FLEGA Cafe, Brussels, 2016
    • 8 years of Dutch Game Garden: How Incubation Helps Developers – Central European Games Conference, Vienna, 2016
    • Panel: How to Fail Successfully in the Games Industry – Central European Games Conference, Vienna, 2016
    • From Indie Game Development to Incubation – ZHdK, Utrecht, 2016
    • 8 years of Dutch Game Garden: How Incubation Helps Developers – Ludicious Festival, Zürich, 2016
    • Jury Student Competition  – Ludicious Festival, Zürich, 2016
    • 7 years of Dutch Game Garden: How Incubation Helps Developers – Game Session, Prague, 2015
    • 7 years of Dutch Game Garden: How Incubation Helps Developers – Games Austria, Vienna, 2015
    • Why Dutch Game Garden? – Spillkonvent, Hønefoss, 2015
    • The Making of Bounden – ThisHappened, Utrecht, 2015
    • Innovation in the Industry guest lecture – NHTV, Breda, 2015
    • Global Game Jam keynote – Hamar, 2015
    • How we made Bounden – GameCity, Nottingham, 2014
    • Producing Bounden – Select/Start/Play Conference, Viborg, 2014
    • Panel: Indie Games – what’s the status? – Incubate Festival, Tilburg, 2014
    • Bounden – Grafisch Lyceum, Utrecht, 2014

I also danced on stage showing Bounden at the Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC 2014 and the first European Innovative Games Showcase at GDC Europe 2014. That was so much fun!

Articles and media appearances
  • ‘How the publicly funded Dutch Game Garden helps indie developers’, Game Crate, November 2016
  • ‘Wat is een goed persbericht? Tips van Eline Muijres’, Control Magazine, October 2016
  • ‘One Life Left vs Gamasutra at GDC’, Gamasutra, March 2016
  • ‘Practical tips to make the most out of your first GDC’, Gamasutra, February 2016
  • ‘Waarom een game zonder vijanden, wapens, of missies toch werkt’, NOS op 3, February 2016
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  • ‘Multiplayer Is More Fun When Your Friends Act Like Idiots’, Kevingarcia.com, March 2015
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  • ‘The balletic ‘Bounden’ is a pas de deux with Player 2′ on the LA Times, July 2014
  • ‘Is there really an Indie Bubble?’ on USGamer, June 2014
  • ‘Ballet-meets-Twister game coming to iOS May 21, Android version delayed’ on Polygon, May 2014
  • ‘Built to Play 33: Max Pax’ on Built to Play, April 2014
  • ‘Op bezoek bij Game Oven’ on Softonic, October 2014
Awards & Recognition
  • Personal – International Ambassador GDC Scholarship, 2016
  • Bounden – European Innovative Games Award, Frankfurt, 2015
  • Bounden – Games for Change Award for Most Innovative, New York, 2015
  • Bounden – A MAZE Human Human Machine Award nominee, Berlin, 2015
  • Bounden – Game Developers Choice Awards Finalist for the Innovation Award, San Francisco, 2015
  • Bounden – Independent Games Festival Finalist for the Nuovo Award, San Francisco, 2015
  • Bounden – International Mobile Gaming Award for Excellence in Innovation, San Francisco, 2015
  • Bounden – International Mobile Gaming Awards Finalist for Best Technical Achievement, and Best Multiplayer Game, San Francisco, 2015
  • Bounden – Dutch Game Award for Best Co-Production, Utrecht, 2014
  • Bounden – Dutch Game Award for Best Mobile Game nominee, Utrecht, 2014
  • Bounden – Control Industry Award nominee, Utrecht, 2014
  • Bounden – Cinekid Best New Media Production Award, Amsterdam, 2014
  • Bounden – European Innovative Games Showcase Official Selection, GDC Europe, Cologne, 2014
  • Bounden – Bigsushi.fm Golden Sushi of Sophistication, Boston, 2014
  • Bounden – Pocketgamer BIG Indie Pitch winner, San Francisco, 2014
  • Bounden – GDC Experimental Gameplay Workshop Official Selection, GDC, San Francisco, 2014
  • Bounden – Ludicious – Zürich Game Festival International Competition nominee, Zürich, 2014
  • Bounden – IndieCade Festival of Independent Games Official Selection, Culver City, 2014
  • Bounden – BIG Festival finalist for Best Gameplay, Sao Paolo, 2014
  • Friendstrap – A MAZE Human Human Machine Award nominee, Berlin, 2014